• Mandatory Manager Meeting Jan 19,2021 Mandatory Manager Meeting All selected league team managers must attend this meeting at 6:30 PM.  Team managers will receive their team rosters, practice time slots, division rules, and most importantly safety plans for the Spring 2021 season. Read More
  • Major Division Draft Jan 18,2021 Major Division Draft All players who attended Major Division Tryouts will be eligible for the Major Division by WPLL Major Division managers.  The draft is for league major managers only but parents of drafted players can expect calls on Tuesday or... Read More
  • Final Tryout & Evaluations Jan 18,2021 Final Tryout & Evaluations All major eligible players must tryout for the draft.   All AAA players must be evaluated.   All AA players new to WPLL or new to AA division must be evaluated. Please ask via Facebook Messenger if you have questions. Read More
  • Tryout & Evaluations Jan 09,2021 Tryout & Evaluations If your player is Major division eligible or above you will receive an email for tryout time slot.   If your player is Minor or Rookie division eligible for the first time you will receive an email for an evaluation time slot. Read More
  • Little League Call Up Grants Jan 08,2021 Little League Call Up Grants Please visit www.littleleague.org/callupgrant for more information to see if you qualify covering registration costs for the upcoming Spring 2021 season.  Do not delay. Read More
  • In person registration Jan 07,2021 In person registration Our final in person registration official date.  If you need help signing up to register for spring 2021 please stop by.  From 6 PM - 8 PM at Pine Hill Park. Read More
  • Field Prep Jan 02,2021 Field Prep We are looking to pressure wash dugouts, paint, more tree trimming, fix some fencing, and possibly hang a scoreboard. Read More
  • In person registration Jan 02,2021 In person registration Want to register in person?  This is for families who wish to pay in cash, have questions, or are unsure how to complete the process. Read More
  • Sandlot Fun Day Dec 20,2020 Sandlot Fun Day Please email [email protected] to reserve a spot.  This ensures all are able to play. Read More
  • Field Prep Dec 19,2020 Field Prep Please come volunteer a few hours to your local little league park to begin getting the fields ready for the upcoming 2021 Spring season.  We will meet at 3:30 PM. Read More



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