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AA or Machine Pitch Information

This AA or Coach Pitch division is for players who are league age 6 - 8 only.  In this division rosters range from 11-13 players per team, typically.  This division is focused on instruction and development of player skill sets.  This is a machine pitch level.  In this division teams play with 10 defense players (4 outfielders) and a continuous batting order (all players bat even if your player did not play defense that inning).  6 year old players may play in AA if they played a season of tee-ball. 

Games will be Saturdays with some weeknight games.  Coach / Friend requests are limited and not guaranteed. 

In this division WPLL strives for competitive balance using the knowledge we have of incoming players based on statistics kept by each team the previous season.  Although we understand players wanting to continue to play with one another our goal as a league is to ensure teams are challenged each game.

Parents, WPLL is typically looking for team managers for this division so if you feel you can offer knowledge and structure for this age group please indicate it when registering.  

If this is not the right division for your player please click here:

AA Division Rules

AA Division Rules

1.) Regular season games are 1 hour and 30 minutes or 6 innings, whichever is first.  Tournament games are 1 hour and 45 minutes or 6 innings, whichever is first.  In a tournament game the next inning will only begin and then must be completed if more than 20 minutes remain on the time limit from the scheduled start time (19 minutes or less according to the umpires chosen clock and the game is over and official).

2.) Each batter will be given up to 6 pitches.  A fair hit ball, 3 swings and misses, or failure to swing at the 6th pitch ends a batters at bat.  Foul balls with 2 strikes will continue an at bat until the batter has either put the ball in play, swing and missed for strike three, or failed to swing at the next pitch.  

3.) There are no walks or base stealing.  

4.) Runners are not to advance beyond the base they are in the act of running to once the baseball reaches, in the air or in a player's glove, the plane of the outfield grass info the infield dirt.  

5.) 3 outs or 5 runs are allowed per inning.  Tournament games have a maximum of 5 runs per inning for innings 1-4.  Innings 5 & 6 are open.  

6.) Substitutions are to be rotated.  All players sit once before any player sits twice.

7.) A consecutive batting order is in effect.  Managers will list their players in batting order at the start of the game.  If a player is not playing in the field that inning that player will still bat their position in the batting order.  

8. Each team will play with a maximum of 10 fielders, utilizing 4 outfielders.

9.) One base is allowed on an overthrow to 1st base only.  If a player makes an attempt to proceed to 3rd or home on an overthrow they are to be sent back (no pickles).  A runner who over runs a base accidentally is a live runner.

10.) Weeknight games start at 6:30 PM and have a drop dead time of 8:00 PM.  Fields must be cleared and lights off by 8:15 PM.  Tournament drop dead time is 8:15 PM and fields cleared by 8:30 PM.  

11.) Please remind players and parents to clean out the dugout and bleachers prior to leaving the field.

12.) West Pasco Little League is a NO SMOKING park.  We do not allow the use of any tobacco products during practices and/or games except at the designated smoking areas which are located past the bullpens on the side of each field.    

Registration Listing

2020 Fall Baseball

Online registration for 2020 Fall baseball begins July 26th, 2020. 

In person registration will take place at the West Pasco Little League fields.  In person registration dates are Tuesday, August 11th, 2020 from 6:30 PM- 7:30 PM and Saturday, August 15th from 10 AM - 11:30 AM.  

Anyone registering after 7 PM on August 17th, 2020 may be placed on a wait list pending available space.

Please review the chart on our "League Divisions" tab to determine your players league age.  If new to the league, please click on league boundaries link to confirm you are zoned for West Pasco Little League.

We thank you for being a part of West Pasco Little League!!

AA Rookie- Machine Pitch - Baseball

Registration closes on 08/24/2020 at 07:00 PM
Season Dates: 08/26/2020 to 11/20/2020
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