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2020 Spring Season Resumption Plan

Parents & Volunteers, 

First, West Pasco Little League would like to express our gratitude to all of our parents, players, and league volunteers during this unprecedented time.  Thank you so very much!! 

The state of Florida is entering phases of reopening.  WPLL will all approach our return in accordance to the guidelines given to us.  We understand each of you must do what is right to each of your respective families.  We respect your choice to continue playing in the current reality or opting to forgo the remaining season.  West Pasco Little League will be there to resume our Spring 2020 season when the state of Florida allows the counties across the state to reopen athletic parks.  We will do our best as a league to go above and beyond the call as your kids, our players, are our top priority.  Listed below are details on how WPLL plans to move forward and some adjustments to the Spring 2020 season.  WPLL is open to recommendations that are practical and possible to enact in order to be the best little league organization around.

West Pasco Little League's current plan (subject to change):
- Will open when the CDC, state of Florida, and Pasco County open athletic parks throughout the state.           
- Currently expected around May 26 - 29. 

- Will set expectations around federal, state, and local guidelines.  
     - All managers will attended virtually or verify reviewing WPLL spring season modified guidelines prior to resuming practices.
- Parents are expected to report any family illness to team manager as soon as possible via phone or text.
     - Failure to report illness is subject to review by WPLL Board of Directors for dismissal from Spring 2020 season.
     - No player, coach, or volunteer who is not feeling well is permitted to participate in games or practice.
- Team Managers, Coaches, and Team parents are permitted to wear face masks.  
- Players are permitted to wear face masks and gloves (except pitchers).   
- Will limit the amount of people at the fields to the number set forth by local guidelines.
- Games will be added on Friday's, Saturday afternoon/nights, and Sunday's, as needed, to ensure games are spread out.
- Will rope off the bleachers to the dugouts.  This will become team dug out space only to allow social distancing among players.
- Games may move at a slower pace but ensuring safety will be at the forefront of our efforts. 
- Will encourage parents to drop players off or wait in car in parking lot for practices.  Option also available for games.  
- Parents are asked to maintain appropriate social distancing for games.
     - Parents can view games from around the field with 6 feet between families, dug outs, and field fencing in the event a player must track a ball to the fence lines, including outfield fencing.  
- Umpires & Concession stand personnel will wear masks and gloves.
- Coaching boxes will be added to all fields.
- Spring 2020 season may run through the middle of July. 
     - No Top Team Tournament for majors and above this season. 
     - Plans to hold All Star tournaments are currently in talks up to the state level.
     - AAA & AA Tournaments are still to take place at WPLL.
- Players will tip their caps to the opposing team at the end of each game instead of the customary hand shakes.
- End of game running of the bases will now be each team running from either first base or third base to the respective outfield pole or from 1st to second and back while the opposing team runs from 3rd to home and back.  
- End of season trophies and medals will still be issued as customary for Spring seasons.
- In the event teams need to be reorganized players will continue to wear their original jerseys.

- Unfortunately, no season closing ceremony can be planned given the above restrictions and is effectively cancelled. 
Day at Tropicana Field is still going to be planned and date is TBD.

WPLL is open to suggestions and recommendations to how we can best resume our Spring 2020 season.  We are tasked with the responsibility to set an initial plan and continue to modify that plan as new or changed guidelines become available.  If you have any questions or concerns your team manager is your best contact, but you may reach out through our Facebook page as well.  If we do not have the answer we will dig until we get it.  We appreciate your patience, understanding, and dedication to your families and your local community.  We look forward to returning to the fields and hearing the kids laughter, watching them grow good character, and seeing them play the game of baseball once again.  

Together We are West Pasco Little League!!   


West Pasco Little League


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